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Hvem har vel ikke hørt om Tahiti og Bora Bora – og nå skal vi der :•)))
PS du må bare klikke på bildet over – fantastisk.
Her blir det dykking, fjellklatring og feiring. Fra hytte på stranden til luxus.
Dette blir en uke i «paradiset» – Polynesia.

Tahiti Airporthotel – før vi drar videre til Moorea.
Tahiti Airport Hotel – på kartet
Moorea – og her blir det hytte på stranden.
Pension Motu Iti – Moorea
Pension Motu Iti på kartet
Vi fant et ikke helt «ille» sted på Bora Bora :•)
Hotel Maitai Polynesia
Hotel Maitai Polynesia på hartet

En god guide for øyen.

BE sure to sit on the LEFT side of the aeroplane when arriving into Bora Bora to get the amazing view. (Most of the time, the planes follow the same path when landing. But every now and then, the pilot will approach from a different side when landing at the airport; this is due to wind)

The distance on the ring road around the whole of Bora Bora is no more than 31Km/19miles. So even with a few stops along the way won’t it take you more than 1hour, so its no surprise most tourist decide to rent a bicycle to circuit around the island.
The road is almost completely flat except for two hills, and the road is well maintained, so you don´t need to be fit to bike around the island.

There are a few interesting stops around the island:

Soul tree (BanyanBanian) just around 5minutes drive from Vaintape. The local will tell you that apparently did James Cameron get inspired to make the Avatar movie after seeing this tree on his visit to Bora Bora.
Marine Museum, on the northeastern side of the island, if the small marine museum is displaying around 40 different model boats of traditional Polynesian boats.
American Canons: halfway down the eastern side of the island.
There are actually 8 American canons spread around the island, that USA built here during WW2 when Bora Boran was an American military base.
Not much remains except the eight canons now. The two that are located on the eastern side of the island is by far the easiest two to visit. The six others do require 4×4 and guides.

Hailaisen ,-)

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